Things We Often Don’t Say

Why must you be this way
Must we fight
Must we insult each other as protection
Against each other
Must I feel like a ticking time bomb

Must you whine
Must I whine about your whining
Why must our perspectives clash so
Why won’t you accept me
I try to accept you
I may resent you but,
I try
Where is your effort?

Must you show your disappointment so obviously?
Must you have the need to be
Curley honest
Must we be crude

I’m not a disappointment
I tell myself you opinion doesn’t matter,
But when we are together
I suppose it must

Let go of the past.
You make it harder for me to do so
You tell me things I don’t need to know,
Things I will remember for ever

Everything must be your way
I am okay with this
Unless your way insults me
Unless it means you can yell and make me
Do the things you could be doing

You hurt me
Insult me
Call me ridiculous when I tell you so
I fight back
You get hurt
So much remorse

Our time goes well under moderation
Instead, we binge our time and
Bicker, get hurt

Why must you insist on blaming everyone but yourself
Why must I
Why must you blame the people who care for me
Rather than those who lied about caring for you
I love you
I hate you
Help me change, I will do the same for you
You hate me
You adore me


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