You think, but you don’t know

Many thoughts cross your mind

You think you two are close

You think you fancy him

You think you know him

You think he’s comfortable around you


You had no clue

You realize

later, much later

You realize, too late

Too bad that you were wrong

so wrong


My dear, you had no clue

how wrong you could be just this once

I’m sorry my love

You must see

You must think back

think, my love


He didn’t have any of it

Not  the heart

the care, or the mind

He was closed, dark

Yes, it’s true he was kind

but only at times, as there were many

many times where he was dull and empty

He wasn’t who you wanted him to be

He didn’t need to be, you knew, but he wasn’t anything

How much you wanted him to be, though


You tried, my love

and yes, I know, that drove him away too

but don’t be blue

My love, be angry, be changed


Just know one thing, dear

it’s okay to feel that way again

It’s someone new

someone cautious like you

You’ll see, dear,

It’s best to try again