goodbye (god be with you)

byebye is like pie as the last thing we eat at family dinners. when those in canes decide it’s time and their loyal sons rise to the chance “yeah, i’ll drive you guys, mom” byebye i say at the front door. i wish dad would leave the door open longer. i wish i could go out for a walk in the pitch black darkness that is illuminated only by welcoming houses and streetlights.

i wish i could sit in a field of grass from a park, where in the distance i would hear dogs running and barking at the children and their owners. i wish i could lay back and watch the stars while resting on your thighs and say goodbye to my grandpa once more. i wish we could stay in the car and i wouldn’t have to say goodbye because time would freeze minutes before curfew. and we would sit together and feel the breeze and the cold pavement.

i wish she wouldn’t find goodbyes so difficult even as a toddler, she wouldn’t feel the need to pretend that if she didn’t say bye i wouldn’t have to go. i wish goodbyes weren’t masked with anger. and they could just be. i could lean on the car and think about how i won’t see you for a month but you still have to leave and i still have to cross the street into the rigid house as you drive back home. i lean on the window and wish you’d kiss me harder because then it would be a forceful memory not a bittersweet one. i would be able to say more than a hushed, cracked and weak bye and it would be okay because i had voiced that chant in my head. i love you. say it. i’ll miss you. say it. i love you.

sometimes bye is liberating like the goodbye after a phone call that’s for business or after you get home and you’ve been out all day so tired. or when you don’t feel like being around others. or like when you’re surrounded by new people and you can finally let go of those you were close to because these new ones are here and they matter more so this gets you lifted into the sky and happy because bye is bye is bye.

and bye is sometimes like hi when you’re away from everyone and stuck with family. you love them but you love nature too and so you go to a field and lay down in the blanket of goodbyes from the airport and you fall asleep once you’ve said goodbye to whoever can’t hear you as they text you from across the country. that blanket is your savior because you’ve already said bye to him and you’ve already taken the time to say bye to the little one even for a couple hours and it comes from the airport when you had to say bye to your roommate of a month and so you cried because she cried. you wonder if the second goodbye will be harder.

for him it was and for me it wasn’t for me the third time was worse in the dark leaning against that damn car, not in my pjs at the door of the apartment building.

i’ve relived the train station bye tons of times the only difference is how old she looks. some byes are permanent and some byes are weekly and some are daily, some are harder and sometimes everything is hard but at least you were together and there’s meaning to that bye because you had fun and you can now remember with bittersweetness. and you can still wish all the things that happened before they said goodbye were different but they’re still beautiful and they’re still you, together and apart.

some goodbyes come from change, like the season as they shift and as time goes and children grow. like when she goes to bed and mom says goodnight to everything. the moon the stars the children the toys.

witching hour is supposed to force goodbye but i like to push it until hours later, until my eyes are aching and we are together in my dreams and on the phone and i can’t tell which is which but it doesn’t matter.


time is still

go far away by a bus and a plane

or through the waves of the ocean on the pier of your thoughts

and the mind of others who you try to think about,

but you can’t see if they get it

or if they are distant or if they see like i see myself in a mirror

or through stained rusted glass like a door locked to a child that isn’t experienced

or can’t reach

trapped like a cat in a box or at the front door,

indoors hidden is rapunzel whose hair flows and is her outlet, like writing is mine and art is another’s.

whereas we all feel insecure in this habitual world of thoughts and actions

that work together to create one. who is this one? the stripes that are our living experiences

make us across oceans and matter like matter that makes a flower in a cemetery

or like bird poo on a car that gets washed off by your mother’s fat turned into soap.

it spurs out of the car through a switch within you.

you decide that clarity is better than clearance

like the old rags and mugs you see in the second hand shop you and mom visit.

little children are amazed by others but they cannot show love other than through fighting and learning

and in turn you learn from them or you should.

or else it won’t change like a band aid getting ripped off.

time is still unless things move like a motorcycle rolling, zooming down a hill.

the hill you’ve just climbed.

fake fragments

childhood is a broken glass; fragments on the floor and on the table


like paint on chubby fingers that want to reach for glasses

like they reach for maman and mimic older brothers

like when in the park we do this because he wanted it and i am having fun because we are together

i won’t remember this or i might but is it real?

childhood is unreliable in recalling events and getting us to learn but it makes us us

and we are us in a way that is unique.

not like a snowflake. or maybe together as unique flakes we are the snow that blows and makes my chubby cheeks cold during this recess i don’t even want to have.

why am i outside with miserable adults that police and guard the gates of this facility like a prison

or an institution of the mind that will grow and fade with old experiences. like embarrassing events that make us feel bad, our friends and our manners shape us

parents are afraid of change but we change all the time and it goes so fast it feels fake

you can’t tell what happens. your lense is dirty just like mine

but we’re looking at different things

and i see through the car window as you drive my life because i’m unreliable little child