Point Of No Return

The seed lands between two cement blocks,

getting fed and fed by the earth

until it can’t stand being a seedling any more.

A sapling then grows out of the earth between the cracks.


People notice it,

they nurture and love it;

and one day, it decides it feels grown up.

People stop calling it a sapling as it grows and grows

and it reaches

a point of no return.


It reaches a point where no doubts can be found.

As it grows,

the cement around it cracks

and expands.

It cannot go back to being a sapling;

it must continue to grow

and grow.


Until one day it settles above the torn cement,

its roots buried deep,

it no longer destroys its cemented surroundings.

It only solidifies itself,

sinking lower and lower into the ground.

The tree is complete.


It is strong and beautiful,

all because one day, the seedling could not bear to be a mere seed,

and the next day, a sapling wanted to grow.

It now stands, tall and proud;

ready to show itself as it is,

without a doubt,

a tree.